Sunday, January 31, 2010

A week worth blogging about. I knew one would eventually happen, and my patience has been rewarded. We all did something of note last week.

Addison only warrants brief mention. He relapsed and spent the time we were out of town forgetting to behave like an adult. He stayed up all hours of the night playing video games, and forgot to get up for school then next morning. He then did the same thing again last night and forgot to get up for church. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson, and will do better if we ever leave him without adult supervision again.

Alex continues to do well on his mission, and will be staying in LaPlace for at least another 6 weeks. He seems to have this particular area pretty well figured out, and must have a reason for staying there.

Cari, Mandi, Abby, Ashlyn and Kempton headed for Salt Lake City last Friday for the first meet of the season. The girls managed to get medals in individual events, but were not able to put together enough points as a team to place. It is the first year for all five of the level 7 girls, and they are finally doing their own routines. It has proven to be a bit more complicated than they knew. Ashlyn was informed by the judges after the meet that she was missing an element in her floor routine, and would have done much better if she had included it. They then travelled to Boise this weekend for meet number two. The entire team improved upon their scores from Utah, and again each of the girls were able to place individually, and the team finished 5th. Again, Ashlyn was informed this week that she was missing an element in her Beam routine, and would have done much better if she had included it. Apparently, if she ever figures out what elements she needs to have, she might be a contender. Abby simply puts it all together for the event, and finishes better each meet. They get a week off, and then travel to Las Vegas for a meet on February 12. Let's hope they get it all worked out by then.

Speaking of Las Vegas, I left for Las Vegas on Friday, the day the girls left for Utah for their meet. I stopped in Saint George and played golf at a fairly new course called Sand Hollow, then went on to Mesquite and played Coyote Springs. The group then went on to Las Vegas where 90 to 100 from Southeast Idaho took over the Red Rock Country Club on Monday, the Sienna Course on Tuesday and the Red Rock Arroyo course on Wednesday. I then flew to Boise for meetings on Thursday and Friday, and ended up driving home with the family, but not before we took time to stop by the newly refurbished Capital building.

The details are thin, but the pictures are all you need.


Mary Z said...

Wow, you make us tired reading this. I thought we were busy. We are wimpy busy.

Scott and Sarah said...

It's so great to read the Zollinger updates. Ella and Kallie just had their very first gymnastic lessons. They LOVED it and can't wait to go back. Tell everyone hi for us :)