Monday, January 18, 2010

Two weeks, and despite the best efforts of the Zollinger clan, we haven't done anything that compels me to write about it. However, because we use the blog to communicate with Alex in Louisiana, Cari and the girls decided I had to write something even if it isn't that exciting.

Mandi and Kempton continue to hang out in Rexburg, mostly because Jake has figured out that it is easier to study if he isn't stressing about Mandi trying to make everything perfect for his studying. Mandi hasn't figured out yet that just doing her own thing with Kempton might be the best thing she could do for peace of mind, but I'm pretty sure he understanding will come with time. In the mean time, we are thoroughly enjoying their time here with us, and I'm doing my best to teach Kempton inappropriate behaviors. His mom and aunts are countering my every move.

Addison has been busy learning what university life is all about. Mandi is giving him all of her tips for making the most of the educational experience, and in spite of her tips, he seems to be getting along quite well. He appears to understand the importance balancing studying with playing, if we can figure out how to work socializing into the mix, he may yet become the perfect young man.

Alex is still doing great, and enjoying his opportunities. He knows already when he will be coming home, and is beginning to think about getting into the university life. I think maybe he is a little nervous that Addison is getting a head start in the brains department. Don't worry Alex, you should be able to catch up and pass him at everything but video games.

The girls are making the final push for the competition season that will begin this coming weekend. It's hard to know if they are "cocky" or truly ready, but they believe they are peaking just at the right time. They will be in SLC first, and then to Boise the last weekend of the month, one week off to rest and then to Las Vegas. That's as far as I know right now. Cari and the girls try to break it to me gradually, so I don't freak out at how much of a commitment we are making to this venture.

My adventure for the coming week will be to take the annual winter golf trip. Maybe it will give me something to write about, but in the mean time, because Mandi informed me that blogging without photos is "lame", I sent Cari, Mandi, Abby, Ashlyn and Kempton out into the city to take pictures of anything that they thought was new, and the foregoing slideshow is the result.

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