Sunday, October 11, 2009

A week ago yesterday, Cari and I took off for Sun Valley. I had a few meetings with the Idaho Hospital Association, and since we were going to be in a resort town, Cari's sister Barbie and her husband Dave Green joined us for a week of golf and leisure. As you will be able to see from the slide show, the week of golf ran into a few snags after the first round, but the leisure was accomplished. I seem to have missed some of the fun while in meetings. Dave doesn't think I missed much, and doesn't understand the allure of hour after hour of shopping, but the first brush with winter was sort of exciting.

One of the most surprising events of the trip may have been the call from the two girls left behind in Rexburg. Apparently, Addison is a great brother, and care giver. Cari claims that she knew he had it in him, but I'm skeptical of how she could possibly have known. All I can imagine is that he must have envisioned them as some sort of characters in a video game, and the challenge was to keep them entertained. It was a nice surprise to know that he was there for the girls and for us.

This weekend, the Mounts Family all descended upon Rexburg for Thomas and Kricket's new baby Thomas "Maxwell" Mounts. He is a pretty cute kid. The girls took Larkin Johnson to the rock wall, and Abby and Ashlyn began learning how to walk in the sky. The Rock wall has a slack line about 10 feet off the floor, and they are both reasonably adept at walking on it.

This coming week will be spent in preparation for another business trip where Cari will tag along. She has invited Addison to go along on this trip, which I think will be nice. (I am a little concerned that she keeps inviting others to go along on our trips. I can only assume the honeymoon is over after 28 years.) We may skip a few Sunday blogs while we are in Miami, but we will post our trip when we return. Until then, we hope all is well with you all.

As you can tell, I'm still learning how to manage the pictures. The good weather came first, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to reverse the photos.