Sunday, August 30, 2009

Zollinger's Head East

Two weeks ago, we all decided it would be a good idea to travel across the country with Jake, Mandi and Kempton to insure their transition to Carbondale for another year of school. Jake was being welcomed into Medical School and so it was not just to settle them in, but to celebrate their moving forward in their life.

Jake's parents, Brent and Larae were in town as well, and we managed to find several activities to entertain ourselves. The boys played golf (some more than others--read Stephen) and the girls went shopping and paddle boating. Good food was experienced, and when we left Carbondale, the Moss Posse seemed settled.

The trip out was not as much fun for Jake and Stephen as the trip for the girls. We drove to Denver and stayed with Jake's brother John and his family. We then drove cross country in one day and arrived in Carbondale after a Chevy Chase moment in St Louis. There are times when the Garmin isn't right. At least not in the middle of the night in downtown St. Louis when the detours are into other detours. And just so nobody else feels compelled to experience it, the Anheuser Busch factory is not that interesting at midnight, but some of the people on the streets around it are.

Coming home was better, mostly because it was Stephen, Cari, Abby & Ashlyn, and the family events were very enjoyable. We spent a couple of days in St. Louis (in the daylight) and hung out at the City Museum, the Science Center, and the Arch. Trying to explain Independence, Missouri to the girls was difficult, but we are planning a trip to the Mormon sites in a year or two, and in context, it may be easier. After several very enjoyable days as a family, the 14 hour drive was nearly forgotten.

The kids are back in school now, and the activities in Rexburg are finding their way back to what we consider normal around here. Gymnastics 4 days a week, school 5 days a week, and happiness every day of the week that we do things together. Sounds mushy, but it works for us.

P.S. There is an outside chance that we have what it takes to start posting pictures again. If there are pictures associated with this post, we figured it out, if not, we'll keep trying.

The Zollingers