Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2 MTC Weeks Down, 1 To Go!

With limited email time, Alex sends us one all-encompassing email.

Dad- That's good advice about my bike, and im glad you guys took the time to break it down, even though it sound like it was rough. I'm sure you did well and perfectly appropriate at Charles funeral service. how is grandpa doing? OH if it makes you feel any better i tried to pull my phone out for the first few days i was here, and i never had it in my pocket, just my planner. The advice you gave me on the e-mails is great, it's the same advise they give you here, and it really does save my time well.
Family- How is everything? that sounds like Add had a fun date, and i'm sure it was fun. I have received everything that has been sent my way im pretty sure. Thank you for the addresses and the patriarchal blessing, that mini version fits in my scriptures perfectly. That's too bad about the flu bug going through the house, but I'm not too sorry that I have missed it. Everything here is still good, every day is better than the last, we have great firesides every sunday night, followed by a church film from the legacy theatre played on the screens. The firesides are done by presidents of the MTC and people like that with their wife. and then every Tuesday night is a devotional, and those are the talks from a general authority. Last week was Elder Busche and his wife. They are from Germany and very interesting to listen to. his conversion story was amazing. My branch president Pres. Smith is a sweet guy. He was trained as an orthopedic surgeon in the Army, and has a lot of cool stories from that. The first counselor Bro. Meyers was also trained as a physician and surgeon in the Army, and i talked to him about that for a few minutes after he interviewed me on Sunday. They are both interesting and inspiring to talk to. Elder Richins and I are still getting along. He is From Orem if I didn't tell you, and he leaves the same day i do for Baton Rouge. that's the same for Half of our district, and then the other half leave next monday for Tallahasee, FL. we all get along pretty well, but everyone gets annoyed with that one sister missionary who is overly confident. Oh well though. on my P-days, like today, we go to the temple right after breakfast, and then the rest of the day we just write letters, have an hour of personal study, and then an hour of companion study, and then we just hang out until dinner, we have to be in our suits to go into the cafeteria, and after dinner we have a class for a couple hours. Oh and we do our laundry at 1:45 and that takes about an hour. Everything is going good though, I love getting mail, it keeps me smiling.
Mandi- Yeah I actually have that conference ensign sitting on my desk in my residence hall right now. So I can read all the same things you do. I'm not 100% sure where i will be for Thanksgiving, I'll be in Louisiana, but that's about all I can tell you. we leave either monday or tuesday. Yes I have received all 4 of your letters. I actually liked the puzzle letter, and I love all your letters, they are all so exciting and colorful. That's fun about your movie extravaganza. I am a little jealous, mostly because i just can't watch any movies, other than the church movies. The Church movies are pretty good though. they are the ones they play at the legacy theatre in Salt Lake. we watched "Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration" last night it was pretty good, and very inspiring. but my timer is about to run out so...I love you all and miss you.
Elder Zollinger

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Summer Turns to Fall Slide Show

Summer Turns to Fall

Summer went way too fast for us. Alex spent the summer/fall working for Glenn helping with their new house. Addison finished up working for Gordon in Island Park. Mandi, Jake & Kempton went back to Carbondale. Stephen and I were a Ma & Pa on the Martin's Cove Trek and had a fun week in Las Vegas. Add, Abby & Ash went back to school; I can't believe we are down to three kids. Alex turned 19 & Abby 11 this month. Abby got a new puppy "Miley" for her birthday. Alex is still preparing for his mission to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Mandi & Kempton came back to Rexburg for Alex's farewell & the boys' Eagle Court of Honor. We had a fun Halloween just hanging out together. As you see with the slide show I'm trying to do a little catch up since it's been so long, so here you are!!!