Sunday, January 3, 2010

Short Update

The New Year is upon our house, and it came with as little fan fare as ever. Cari's sister Barbie rode the shuttle up from Salt Lake City on the 31st and that was the extent of our party attendants. Cari, me, Abby, Ashlyn and Barbie. The lack of guests didn't slow Cari down in her preparations, she never misses a chance for party plans. Addison went to Island Park with buddies. I'm not complaining, I don't mind that Cari is always doing the heavy lifting when it comes to party planning, but I would just as soon not have parties at all. The older I get, the less I enjoy having to get up for anything. By time I turn 55, I may just want to sleep and eat, and the eating according to Cari will be limited to pizza and popcorn.

The week between Christmas and now has been more casual at work than usual. I have traditionally taken this week off to avoid losing vacation days, but this year I worked every day and found that there are very few people that expect government business to be transacted. Even though we were open and available at City Hall, there was very little activity. I plan on working every year from now on, and taking the busy weeks off.

The girls and Addison are headed back to school this coming week, and none of them seem too happy about it. Addison is acting as bored as I've ever seen him. Abby wanted to know if we would consider homeschooling her, and Ashlyn will likely find some sickness to fake in the morning. I'm sure the new year will bring many new and exciting adventures for us as a family, and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to write something meaningful about each and every event. (At least I'll have material if the family has adventures.)

If you came looking for photos, try Mandi's and Jake's blog, as despite carrying the camera with us every day of the week, apparently if you don't take it out of the case, turn it on, point it, and press the button, carrying it serves no purpose. Maybe next week.

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Mary Z said...

You left out seeing New Moon on New Years Day. That was our high light.