Sunday, May 4, 2008

April Fun

April has been a fun month for the Zollinger family!!! I went on my annual girls get away with my sister Barbie and 3 friends. We went to LA and saw Wicked and it was so Wicked!!! The next day we took a 3 day Carnival Cruise to Ensenada Mexico and back again. We laughed and played games, read books, and ate. Is there anything better than that? Did I say April was great for the whole family?...Well it was great for Me!!! Stephen and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary can you believe it?! Life with that Stud Muffin has been the best 25 years of my life.

The weather is finally changing, the snow has melted, for the most part, and we have enjoyed getting outside, cleaning up the yard, and playing games.

Abby had her big debut last week as Betsy Ross for the Night of the Noteables. She gave a great speech and played her role very well.

Alex went to New York for two days last week for an Apex meeting, but the times got mixed up so he just did a little sight seeing with Jake's brother Mike and four other Apex guys. They went to Times Square, Hyde Park, The Empire State Building and saw the Statue of Liberty. He had a great time. All his friends were jealous, as you can imagine.

Addison spent the weekend in Island Park getting ready for a fun filled summer with Gordon!

Well that's the news from the Rexburg Z's