Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Zollinger's

The Rexburg Z's have joined the blogging world. We have been enjoying everyone else's blogspots, and decided to take a shot at sharing our goings on with the world in the modern way.

As all of our friends probably already know, there is no lack of gadgetry in our home, but for the most part we only use the portions of the technology that are point and shoot level. We hope to step it up somewhat, and if we start trying now, we may just figure it out before the technologically capable children leave the house.

The Stephen Zollinger family technically consists of Stephen and Cari the parents, Mandi and her husband Jake Moss, Alex, Addison, Abby and Ashlyn. We are looking forward to a new addition in late December with Mandi and Jake expecting what should be a son. The term technically was used earlier, because the family seems to extend beyond just those above to include Grandpa Keith and Grandma Ann (Stephen's parents, who live just a few blocks away, and are regularly involved in the day to day activities). Mary Ann and Glenn Mounts (Stephen's sister and her husband) are also regulars in the daily routines of the Stephen Zollinger Family, along with their son Thomas and his wife Kricket and their daughter Annie also have recurring roles in the Rexburg happenings, as may Cari's nephew Larry and his wife Janelle.

Pictures and video may not be a regular part of the blogspot, but we will try to make regular entries relative to our ongoing lives. Larry is technically savvy, and so you will be able to tell when he has contributed by the increase in quality.

For the first effort, there are several pictures available for viewing, and life is as active as ever. Stephen and Cari are preparing to travel to Nashville next week, and will leave Thomas and Kricket in charge of the homefront. Although the trip is technically a business trip for Stephen, the most significant reason for the trip is to see Mandi's and Jake's new home and to see how big Mandi is really getting.

We will try to notify everyone of our venture into the cyberworld, but if you are reading this and think it would be of interest or entertainment to anyone you know, please don't hesitate to forward it.