Sunday, April 25, 2010

I logged on and was surprised to see that it had been three weeks since I last blogged. As I look back, the only possible excuse is that I just didn't feel like it.

The golf course has been open and playable for about 3 weeks, but I'm sure that isn't it.

With gymnastics in the "new skills training" season, we haven't had any mandatory trips, and so we haven't taken any trips at all. I have been contemplating the fact that gymnastics may not be a real sport. Not because it doesn't take a great deal of strength, commitment and physical agility, but because it doesn't appear to have a season. Aren't real sports supposed to take some sort of a break to recover from wear and tear or injuries?

Speaking of injuries, the real excitement his past week once again was provided by Ashlyn, our apparent weakest link. On Thursday, she suddenly had a sharp pain in her abdomen, and after all of the home remedies failed to cure her pain, and as it seemed to worsen, Cari and Ashlyn headed for the Emergency room for professional consultation. They attempted several times to track me down at my meeting at City Hall, but were unsuccessful (mostly due to the fact that I was in fact at Hospital Board Meeting, just feet from the emergency room). When I finally got word of what was going on, I walked over to the ER in time to hear the blood results, and watch them hook her up to the IV. The doctor was either very intuitive, or stumbled upon a new diagnostic method, since when he gave Ashlyn her three options, she immediately began to feel a little better. Her options were 1: Check into the hospital for observation for the night. 2: Go ahead and remove her Appendix. 3: Have a CT Scan to rule out appendicitis. She chose the 3rd option and after the test, it was determined that she had a Urinary Tract Infection, and she was sent home with a stiff dose of antibiotics. It's not every 10 year old that can boast 2 CT Scans in one year.

Ashlyn was able to make a rapid recover, and by Friday night she was ready for a father-daughter date. Cari and Abby were in Island Park for some girls camp certification outing. I'm not certain of its exact nature, but it must be very important, since Cari chose it over celebrating our anniversary. I'm not sure what the psychological ramifications of my wife choosing young women's over our anniversary are, but I may suffer long term affects.

Yesterday was again another interesting and full day. Cari and I spent the morning in Idaho Falls, at a Garret Archibald's and Meagan Wright's wedding. It was a gala event, and I ran into Tyler Myers who had a 2:10 tee time, which made the day much better from my perspective. The golf course was slow, which led to my day taking a turn for the worse. The ward was having a talent show by invitation, and the girls had been invited to perform some gymnastics. This isn't as easy as one might think, as all elements of gymnastics require large pieces of equipment. I had loaded everything needed for a balance beam demonstration into the trailer on Friday, and assumed Addison and others could get it into the gym. When I arrived 30 minutes before show time, the beam was sticking out of the doors, and nobody was in sight. I located Addison and his friend AJ Nichols, along with what appeared to be the entire young mens group trying to shove the 9 foot mat through the 6 foot 8 inch door. After I taught them the principle of folding, we sized up the beam and determined it wouldn't fit. At the last possible second, the thought occurred to us that if a casket can fit through the chapel door, it had to be wider than normal, so off we went. The day turned good again when the girls put on a spectacular performance.

Assuming I was right about why it had been 3 weeks since I last blogged, and the golf course has nothing to do with it, I'll blog again soon. If, however, the golf course is a contributing factor, I'll blog when something of interest happens.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Things in Rexburg looked like they were moving rapidly toward a real Spring season. The sun came out and the snow disappeared enough that golf was a reality for a few days. We had our annual Easter picture a week before Easter, since we were going to be dressing down for the actual holiday.

The girls went for a ride on the two seater, and all seemed right with the world. However, nothing is ever as you want it to be in Rexburg, and the next picture shows the current situation in our backyard.

The rapid changes actually seemed to have an adverse impact on Cari, as she experienced some sort of a break with reality. I'm hopeful, for the sake of the children, that it won't happen often. We can only hope.

Since the weather turned on us anyway, we decided to spend the Easter weekend in Island Park with Tom and Kricket Mounts and Andy and Lynn Clark and all of their kids. Kricket's family has a very nice cabin just North of Henry's Lake, and the view is usually great. This weekend, the view was about 25 feet most of the time, but it was still a great weekend. We spent time doing all the finest things in life. Reading, eating, playing ping-pong, pool ad foosball. We also managed to take in General Conference and watch some basketball. I can't figure out why when I try to do all of those things at home, Cari says I'm wasting too much time, but if we do it at a cabin, it's what we aspire to. I'm not complaining, but I am a bit confused.

All things considered, we had a great weekend.