Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Stars

Ashlyn was our little star of the month. She came in 1st place overall in her age division and level 5 . She was amazing. She took first on the beam and first on the floor, 3rd on the bars and 6th on the vault. Way to go Ashlyn!!

I've included a few 'memory lane' photos of Alex- where did the time go and what happened to that little cute boy that would snuggle on the couch with his family? To all you young moms out there, hold tight to your little kids, they grow up so fast. I can't believe Alex is getting ready to graduate from High School. I have to admit he has turned out to be such a good guy. He has given us only good times and happy memories- another star in the Zollinger family!

Of course all our children are stars in our eyes but we are just focusing on these two this month!

Grandma and Grandpa Z. are hanging in there. Grandma is planning on back surgery in the near future to correct a nerve that has been in a lot of pain. Gramps is eating a little better, because Grams is holding out with the Root Beer until he eats his veggies.

Stephen, Tom, Alex & Glenn dug the big hole to start building Mounts new house!

Abby is back in full swing at the Gym and is hoping to compete this summer so she can catch up from the lost season after breaking her arm. She is also preparing for her role as Betsy Ross in the "Night of the Notables".

Addison has done well at school and over spring break while his friends are gone you can find him in the basement playing Oblivion while remaining oblivious to the rest of the household!!

I have just been doing the usual- cleaning house, working 2 days a week, going on my 4th year as the YW President and I'm in charge of the food one a month for the Women's Civic Club. Oh yes, and I pray for world peace every night!!