Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend we finally got around to letting Ashlyn get baptized. She hasn't been too easy to get along with for the past several weeks; although it was her idea to postpone to attend the baby blessings, she immediately became anxious about getting the job done. It all went very well, and as those of you who know how things go in the Zollinger house, everything was over planned and overdone.

The Green's arrived late Friday night and got the festivities started by keeping everyone up until well past midnight. The next morning Stephen left early to get everything ready at the Stake Center. (There is a lot of water necessary to get a 45 pound girl completely immersed.) Cari began early planning the baptism dinner, and as you can see, she also insisted on everyone having an outfit for the day. Attendance was mandatory for everyone in the vicinity, and the program went well. (Addison took two attempts getting Ashlyn under, but did remember her name.) Tom Mounts offered a musical number and Rhyan Green shared a great message. Ashlyn was then confirmed by Stephen.

The day proceeded without any problems until evening, when Grandma called to say she needed a ride to the Hospital because of some pain in her back and legs. Stephen went to act as driver, but as they were loading Grandma into the car, Glenn and Mary Ann arrived and so Glenn and Stephen took Grandma. After checking her into the emergency room, Glenn started acting suspicious, and within 30 minutes of getting to the hospital, Stephen had checked Glenn into the ER as well. Before the night was over, Glenn was at least an overnight guest of the facility, and Grandma was on her way home with a bit of a buzz on.

Easter came with Glenn at the hospital and Mary Ann choosing to skip Easter Dinner to be with her husband. Grandma Z was still under the weather some, so she had Easter dinner delivered so she could share it with her husband, and Tom, Kricket and Annie deciding to take their Easter meal on the go as well. As you might guess, this left us with lots of food and empty chairs, but Cari persevered and managed to finally talk Liz Zollinger into coming for dinner along with a friend named Ryan, as well as the regulars for Sunday dinner.

It's easy to think things are bad, but here at the Rexburg Zollinger's home, we have decided to take the 1/2 full approach and laugh at how things happen. Hope you all had a good Easter, and that none of you checked multiple family members into the hospital.

Easter Weekend

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Up Date From Rexburg Z's

It is March 13 and we are in a snow storm here in Rexburg! I don't think we will see spring this year!

Since January, Stephen has had a birthday he turned 47 and Ashlyn turned 8 years old. We put off the Baptism because Cassie and Paul/Adam and Katie both blessed their babies in SLC and we wanted to attend. It was great by the way. So we are having a family baptism celebration March 22nd at 11:00am and everyone is invited! Easter Sunday is the next day and everyone is invited!

Ashlyn has been competing in gymnastics for the past several months we have traveled all over and she has done great. She will compete at the state level on March 27th in Boise everyone is invited!