Monday, January 21, 2008

Zollinger Update January 2008

Well, we are a little slow at switching our blog update, but at last here we go...

The Zollinger Family is doing well. Stephen and I went to Nashville for a week at the end of October. Mandi and Jake joined us for a Riverboat Birthday dinner. We went on some fun sight seeing adventures. We went to Carbondale, IL and saw where Mandi and Jake live and go to school.

Of course our biggest news is we became Grandparents on December 12th. Kempton Brent Moss is the cutest little baby I have ever seen. We were so lucky to have them here for a whole month before they had to head back home. We miss them but know they are doing great!!

Stephen has been very busy for the last few months on temple security. Those of you that know him well, know he is having the time of his life wearing a wire and carring a gun.

We have had a lot of company coming to tour the new Rexburg Temple it has been a lot of fun.

Abby broke her arm and is out of Gymnastics competition this year, but she is recovering well. Ashlyn is doing great and came in 1st place in SLC she will be competing in Boise, Park City, Montana, and Idaho fall and will compete at State the end of March in Boise.

Alex and Addison are doing great and are happy its snowboard season!!

I finally got Christmas taken down January 21st so thats a plus

Hope to see you all in 2008