Sunday, April 26, 2009

FYI I have lost my camera attachment that allows me to get pictures off my camera that is part of the delay and why I'm not showing anything new! I will fix this problem soon.
Alex checks the blogs every Monday and noticed I am a slacker with mine. Here is a little update on our missionary.

Alex has been in Louisiana for 6 months now. He is doing great. He was bit by a Brown Recluse spider and had a little set back. After IV antibiotics, CT scans and blood tests, he is back to work with a brown scare to remember it all by. He is driving a new car in a nice area call Durham Springs. He is really enjoying everything about the mission. They made him a district leader. His Mission Pres. reports that Alex is a great missionary and trooper. We are so happy he is doing well and he seems to be very happy in his pictures.

As for the rest of the Zollilngers we are all doing well. Life is just a whirl wind with school, piano lessons, gymnastics, working, keeping the house up, finishing school projects and getting Addison ready to graduate from high school. Life goes on....

We had a great time with everyone in SLC over Easter weekend. We look forward to seeing all family members this June for the Clean-up and fun times here in Rexburg June 19-21.

Missionary Life Update